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About Terri Hadley Ward

I am a 40-something mom, wife, writer, and spiritual seeker. My life is about following my passions -- my family, writing, gardening, and celebrating the connections that define the human experience.

Reflections of a Seeker

…it speaks to a deep universal truth that lives within the heart of every human being — we are all seekers. Continue reading

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The War Against Fear

Faith is not about the specific doctrines of individual religions; it is a celebration of love, and an acceptance of the divine light that is the birthright of all human beings.
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The Nation of Humanity

Last week I started volunteering at a local soup kitchen. It seemed a simple thing, really – handing out food to hungry people. Continue reading

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Living with Purpose

My most valuable and life-changing lesson this year has been my acceptance of God and the opening of my spirit to faith. Continue reading

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Finding Faith

I used to be one of those individuals who scoff at faith and believe they alone are in charge of their lives. Continue reading

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Creating Inspiration

There are three things in this world that I fear… defective rollercoasters, being buried alive, and the blank page. Continue reading

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How a Non-Athlete Became a Soccer Coach

Change is simpler than the self-help industry would have us believe. Complete life transformation can easily be accomplished by uttering the following phrase, “I volunteer.” Continue reading

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