Faith and Friendship

In the past year, I’ve reconnected with three women whose friendship, strength, and positive energy have had profound influence on my life. On separate occasions, through emails and phone calls, we found our way back into each other’s lives after more than five years of silence. There were no harsh words or unresolved conflicts between us; there was just life. Almost seven years ago, I gave birth to my youngest son. One year later, my ex-husband and I packed up our family and moved an hour away to West Virginia. According to my car’s odometer, we were only 30 miles from our former life. Barely a half-inch line on a Virginia/West Virginia road map. Yet thousands of miles filled the six years between our conversations. My husband and I got divorced. One friend underwent chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Another friend lost her mother. One friend started a new business. Another friend expanded her existing business. I won awards for my newspaper column. I fell in love and got engaged. I lost my column and my full-time job. Our children started school and got married and began promising careers. On separate occasions, we met for lunch in family-owned Italian and Thai restaurants and began the process of rediscovering our friendships. Over chicken with ginger sauce, lemongrass soup, mushroom ravioli and salads drenched with fresh mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinaigrette, we took turns sharing the moments that defined our lives during those missing years. Driving home from work on Tuesday, I thought about these three women and how we’ve reconnected at a time in my life when my soul is open to the wisdom, council and creativity of the world around me. Fate? Serendipity? Or just blind luck? I like to believe that at 42 years old, I’ve finally learned to have faith – and the pieces of my life are now falling into place.


About Terri Hadley Ward

I am a 40-something mom, wife, writer, and spiritual seeker. My life is about following my passions -- my family, writing, gardening, and celebrating the connections that define the human experience.
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